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BlueBlockBig Universal Values
          The Importance of Shared Values


Tools & Resources

BlueBlockSm "The Role of Spiritual Values and Beliefs in the Historical
      Development of Peoples"

      As a philosopher of history, politician, researcher and analyst –
      always with a philosophical attitude and principle, Vasile
      Goldiş referred to an axiological system issued from the
      history of European Christian culture, which he shared since
      the period of his academic studies in Vienna and Budapest,
      showing his loyalty to it in the most diverse circumstances of
      his life and career. Review >

BlueBlockSm "Faith and Progressive Policy: Proud Past. Promising

      The Role of Religion in the Civil Rights Movements - Faith in
      many instances has been the fuel that has fed the passionate
      flame in the fight for freedom. Our American history is replete
      with examples of people of faith, who have in a defiant manner,
      broken the vessels of traditional and sacred values in order to
      serve up revolutionary social change. Review >

BlueBlockSm "Shared Virtue: The Convergence of Valued Human
      Strengths Across Culture and History"

      The authors found that 6 core virtues recurred in these writings:
      courage, justice, humanity, temperance, wisdom, and
      transcendence. This convergence suggests a nonarbitrary
      foundation for the classification of human strengths and virtues.
      Review >


BlueBlockSm "Organizational Virtuousness and Performance"
      A key component of positive organizational scholarship is the
      concept of virtuousness, as displayed in and through
      organizations. Rooted in the Latin word virtue, meaning    
      strength or excellence, Plato and Aristotle described
      virtuousness as the desires and actions that produce personal
      and social good. Review >


BlueBlockSm "The Role of Values in Post-Modern Economics"
      Economists, like all mortals, spend most of their time thinking
      about definitive realities. We have made a profession of
      discovering laws of human behavior that govern resource use.
      We use our laws to generate policy and our desire is to
      progress toward the absolute truth of economics so that we
      need not live amid chaotic unpredictable happenings. Review >

BlueBlockSm "Values, Virtues, and John Paul II"
      Few words can rival "values" for popular appeal in the 1990s.
      Heightened awareness of the link between cultural problems
      and moral irresponsibility has spawned a nearly universal
      condemnation of the "war on values" being waged in American
      society. Review >

BlueBlockSm "Teaching about Christianity in religious education: a review of research"
      Despite many changes in recent decades, Christianity still has
      a significant place in the religious education curriculum in
      England. It is unsurprisingly a central part of religious
      education within the Christian-based schools of a religious
      character (often called ‘church schools’), but is also an
      important part of the curriculum in community schools.
      Review >

BlueBlockSm "The Christian World View of Law"
      What is the Coalition on Revival? The Coalition on Revival is a
      network of evangelical leaders from every major denominational
      and theological perspective who share a vision for and a
      commitment to revival, renewal, and reformation in Church and
      society in America. Review >

Across the social spectrum we find ourselves interacting with people from different walks of life. Through this walk we must learn to work and live together. Part of this process is understanding the shared values we have in common. These common values provide a foundation for us to build quality relationships and enhance our quality of life.