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BlueBlockBig Leadership
          The importance of leadership


Tools & Resources

BlueBlockSm "The Importance of Leadership"
      Few things are more important to human activity than    
      leadership. Effective leadership helps our nation through times
      of peril. It makes a business organization successful. It
      enables a not-for-profit organization to fulfill its mission. The
      effective leadership of parents enables children to grow strong
      and healthy and become productive adults. Review >

BlueBlockSm "Super-Leadership - Leading Others to Lead Themselves"
      Leaders are visionaries with a poorly developed sense of fear
      and no concept of the odds against them. Review >

BlueBlockSm "Leadership theories: An overview."
      Managerial Grid; Leader-Style Theory; Contingency Theory;    
      Hersey and Blanchard Theory; Transformational Leadership;
      Path-Goal Theory. Review >


BlueBlockSm "Ten Ways To Improve Your People Skills"
      Being able to manage your relationships at work, so that they
      have the effect you want, is a prerequisite of optimum
      performance. Review >


BlueBlockSm "Spiritual Leadership and Organizational Performance:
Exploratory Study"
      Spiritual leadership theory (SLT) is a causal theory for
      organizational transformation designed to create an intrinsically
      motivated, learning organization. Spiritual leadership comprises
      the values, attitudes, and behaviors required to intrinsically
      motivate one’s self and others in order to have a sense of
      spiritual well-being through calling and membership. Review >

BlueBlockSm "What Makes a Leader?"
      IQ and technical skills are important, but emotional intelligence
      is the sine qua non of leadership. Review >

BlueBlockSm "What Makes Leaders GREAT"
      Many educators are finding that developing great leaders isn’t
      about teaching skill sets. It’s about helping students adopt the
      essential behaviors that all great leaders share. Review >

BlueBlockSm "Nonprofit Leaders Rate Highest in 360-Degree Reviews"
      Nonprofit leaders received higher ratings than for-profit leaders 
      based on feedback from direct reports, managers, peers, and a
      category called “others.” Review >

Effective leadership enables people to work through tough times, making businesses and organizations successful, and enabling not-for-profit organizations to fulfill their mission. The effective leadership of parents enables children to develop character and become productive adults.