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          The value of quality coaching


Tools & Resources

BlueBlockSm "What Is Content-Focused Coaching?"
       The impact and effectiveness of traditional professional
       development seminars and workshops has increasingly been
       questioned by educators and researchers. Review >


      The escalating success of personal coaching and the
      significant potential it holds as a vehicle for effective learning,
      appear to have had little impact within educational contexts to
      date. Review >

BlueBlockSm "Person-centered coaching psychology: A meta-      
      theoretical perspective"

      Coaching psychology provides a new professional arena for
      thinking about psychological practice. Many will recognize the
      ethos of coaching psychology as different from the medical
      model and many coaching psychologists would not recognize
      a description of the profession as grounded in the medical
      model. Review >


BlueBlockSm "The Foundations of Coaching"
      The early 1990s saw the emergence of the literature on
      coaching, which has introduced coaching theory frames,
      methodologies, and an important measure of rigor that OD
      practitioners have never really had within reach before. In that
      regard, the evolution of coaching has been a major asset to
      OD. Review >


BlueBlockSm "Evidence-based Coaching: Flourishing or languishing?"
      The objective of this paper is to analyze and discuss the
      necessity of evidence-based coaching. Review >

BlueBlockSm "Inspirational Chaos: Executive Coaching and Tolerance
      of Complexity"

      Learning and development has been a crucial tool in developing
      tolerance in executive managers, yet the traditional training
      model does not seem to have resulted in sustained behavioral
      change. Over the past 15 years, coaching models based on
      the principles of psychology and education have evolved to
      provide more flexible and tailored learning solutions (Peltier,
      2001; Zeus & Skiffington, 2000). Review >

Coaching plays a significant role in developing champions and building great organizations. Those who want to accomplish great things often find roadblocks along the way and coaching helps people overcome many of the challenges they will face.