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Efficient systems increase total return on resources used by the individual and the organization.  Efficiency is more than just a process or system. It is an art. It is the art of producing more with less effort. It is the capacity to execute a task correctly and always working to improve performance.

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BlueBlockBig  We support multiple software providers & provide the  following services for our clients:

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    dotCost Benefit Analysis

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BlueBlockSm "Business Processes and Information Technology”
The text focuses on the interconnections among an organization’s management, business processes, information systems, and information technology. An emphasis is given throughout the text to the governance, control, and security of business processes and information systems, especially underlying financial information systems . Review >

BlueBlockSm "A business process management approach to enterprise process modernization"
This article describes how BPM can be used for enterprise modernization. It introduces techniques and best practices to ensure BPM success, including business process discovery, business process decomposition, business process ownership, service identification, and code modularization.  Review >

BlueBlockSm "Best practices for designing and implementing decision services, Part 1: An SOA approach to creating reusable decision services "
Decision services are quite the buzz term lately, and are even turning up as product features. As a solution architect or developer you may have seen the need to go outside of the pure product scope and think about designing and implementing decision services so that they can be easily maintained and consumed.   Review >

BlueBlockSm "Business Process Management Systems"
The business process reengineering (BPR) movement of the 1990s emphasized technology as a key enabler of process management and process change. As a result, information technology (IT) has steadily gained prominence in the management suites of large enterprises. Review >

BlueBlockSm "The Emergence of Business Process Management"
Most changes in technology have only an incremental effect on the way we do business, but once in a while a new technology creates a fundamental change. The Internet (and in particular email and the world wide web) was one. We believe that BPM is another. Review >

BlueBlockSm "Elements of a business process management system: theory and practice"
This paper is concerned with business process flexibility: the ability to change organizational capabilities repeatably, economically and in a timely way. Thus, we focus on a meta-process: the process of changing a process (Warboys et al., 1999, p. 26; Ellis and Keddara, 2000) and business process management systems (BPMS) the collection of technologies that allow humans to better manage this meta-process.  Review >

BlueBlockSm "The Trouble With Enterprise Software"
Technology has always been about hope. Since the beginning of the industrial revolution, businesses have embraced new technologies enthusiastically, and their optimism has been rewarded with improved processes, lower costs and reduced workforces.  Review >

BlueBlockSm "Choosing the Best CRM for Your Organization"
CRM buyers have a wealth of deployment options available to them, providing unprecedented flexibility, cost-efficiency and business value. Review >

BlueBlockSm "Understanding Business Process Management"
A business process is a series of business activities that are performed in a specific order, by a variety of applications, systems, employees, and external businesses, according to defined business rules.  Review >