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BlueBlockBig Business Fundamentals
          The impact of business of community

Tools & Resources

BlueBlockSm "Behavioral Theories of the Business Cycle"
      The report explores the business cycle implications of        
      expectation shocks and of two well-known psychological
      biases, optimism and overconfidence. Review >

BlueBlockSm "Business Ethics: the state of the art"
       The purpose of this paper is to give an account of some of the
       current areas of scholarship in business ethics and to suggest
       how these areas may be relevant for scholars working in other
       business disciplines. Review >

BlueBlockSm "The Theory of Business, Complexity, and Getting Work

       There are many ways to get work done, and the theory of
       business that is employed during these times of uncertainty
       and rapid change has significant influence on every
       organization’s capacity. Review >


BlueBlockSm "Competitive Theory and Business Legitimacy"
      Porter is the guru of competitive strategy, the one who told
      companies that their route to success lay in competing not
      just against their direct competitors, but against their suppliers
      and customers as well. Review >


BlueBlockSm "The Theory of Business Enterprise"
      A much more extended and detailed examination of the
      ramifications and consequences of business enterprise and
      business principles would feasible, and should give interesting
      results. It might conceivably lead to something of a revision
      (modernization) of more than one point in the current body of
      economic doctrines. Review >

BlueBlockSm "Economic Theory and Business History"
      Because work in business history has always consisted
      largely of studies of individual entrepreneurs, firms, and
      industries, scholars have continually had to struggle to prevent
      the field from disintegrating into antiquarianism. Review >

Business provides products or services to customers and makes the best possible use of scarce resources such as men, machines and materials for the production of goods.