Precision Management Institute


Robert Newcombe is one the brightest and self-motivated people I have encountered in my 58 years in Major League Baseball. We worked closely together in addressing professional baseball players, encouraging them to pursue their education online. Robert’s presentations to these young men were professional and motivating. Robert will continue to be highly successful throughout his life, as he love challenges and fulfills every goal he pursues. Anyone who wishes to hear more about my evaluation of Robert, and his potential, may call me directly at 602.462.6406, or email me at  

Roland Hemond
Arizona Diamondbacks
Special Assistant to the President/CEO

I have had the pleasure of working with Robert Newcombe on several projects for the last several years. He is an impressive man, one who is very focused in his approach to problem solving, always looking for the most effective solution. He is very thoughtful, articulate and has great people skills. Robert will be a valuable asset to any organization.   

Dick Beverage
Vice President & Secretary Treasure
Association of Professional Ball Players of America

In my experience with Robert, he has been very professional, efficient and precise.

Richard Rinaldi
Director of Career Counseling
NBA Players Association

Follow through and an unwavering commitment to the task is my experience with Robert, a real team player.

Andrea Collins
NFL Retired Players Association

Dr. Newcombe provided support every step of the way while assisting with the implementation of my program.  The guidance that was provided allowed the program to appear to come together on its own.

Qiana Thomas
Programs Coordinator
NFLPA Retired Players