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It’s more important to be respected based on your character than liked because of your personality.

We decide who we are and what we will become by the choices we make every day. Who you are is deeply rooted in your values and where you place your faith.

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BlueBlockSm "Facts about Abstinence Education"
      A recent report published by the Heritage Foundation states that when adolescents are
      educated regarding abstinence and consequently pledge to maintain their virginity, they
      have lower rates of out of wedlock births. Review >


BlueBlockSm "Teaching Integrity to Youth"
      Education is central to preventing corruption. Even clear laws and regulations and well-
      designed institutions will not be able to prevent corruption, unless citizens actively
      demand accountability from government and institutions. Review >

BlueBlockSm "Developing a Community Consensus for Teaching Values"
      The old paternalistic consensus, with the same values espoused in home, church, and
      school, has disappeared; but pluralistic Baltimore County, Maryland, achieved agreement
      on a common core of values to be taught in its public schools. Review >

BlueBlockSm "Religion in the Public School Curriculum"
      Study about religion is also important if students are to value religious liberty, the first
      freedom guaranteed in the Bill of Rights. Moreover, knowledge of the roles of religion in
      the past and present promotes cross-cultural understanding essential to democracy and
      world peace. Review >

Values Parenting:    http://www.values

Interfaith Family:

Live Our Values Everyday:       http://www.liveourvalues

Living Values: